Book EZ Auto Transport

Moving & relocation

Book EZ partners with many of the largest moving and relocation companies in the U.S. Our technology is tailor made according to your needs.

Tools for your agents

Improve the workflow of your agents. We offer a variety of solutions that will make their life easier. On top of quoting, your agents can easily manage and follow up on their orders.

B2C portal integration

We offer specially developed portal for clients of moving agencies. Allow your end-customers to quote and book orders on their own while you still earn your company commission.

Guaranteed pickup dates

We guarantee we will pick up vehicle(s) on dates specific to individual customer needs.

Rental car provision

If for some reason a shipment is delayed past the delivery spread, we provide our customers with a rental car until their auto is delivered.

Auctions & dealers

Auto listings widget

Your customers will easily obtain a quote to get their dream car from your site to their door. Placing our calculation widget on your website is fast and simple process.

Single, multiple and full load capacity

We move them all! From a single car to multiple fully loaded trucks. No job is too small or too big.

Flexible load and delivery times

Yes, we can deliver. Book EZ perfectly understands how timing is important to you and what it takes to meet the highest expectations.

Special vehicles

If delivery is delayed and it is our fault, we’ll make sure your customer has back-up transportation available.

Auctions & dealers

Book EZ is the official auto transporter of several auctions in the US. In addition, we work with dealers throughout the country to ensure safe and timely delivery of cars from dealer to dealer.

Rental car & OEMs

Moving & relocation

We’re your solution to issues with contract carrier capacity! Book EZ has the largest network in the U.S., consisting of over 10,000 vetted carriers representing over 25,000 trucks on the road.

New car handling requirements

We’re experienced and up-to-date on how to properly handle your newly manufactured vehicles

Remarketing moves

Auction to auction, dealer to dealer, brand to brand, whatever your need is, we’re here to make sure you maximize the profit of your inventory.

Spot moves

No matter the location, we can assist with single or multiple vehicles that need to get to specific destinations quickly.

Distribution to dealers

If delivery is delayed and it is our fault, we’ll make sure your customer has back-up transportation available.

Ready to move your car with Book EZ Auto Transport’s door-to-door transportation?

Our door-to-door auto transport advisors are available by calling (833)426-6539. to answer all your questions.